Drinking Water Purification

Pure, clean and safe drinking water isn't available easily these days. Growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation are all causes for this. Given this situation, it becomes even more important for us to be aware of purification techniques and the available water purifiers in the market to ensure that our drinking water is of good quality.
Watermaq provides Both Industrial and Residential Drinking water Purification systems which uses most advanced technologies especially RO,UF&UV technologies.

RO system means a water treatment process that removes undesirable materials from water by using pressure to force the water molecules through a semi permeable membrane. This process is called “Reverse Osmosis” because the pressure forces that water to flow in the reverse direction (from the concentrated solution to the dilute solution) to the flow direction (from the dilute to the concentrated) as of the process of natural osmosis, R.O. removes ionized salts, colloids and organic molecules, including Micro Organisms etc.

REVERSE OSMOSIS Used to remove all excess Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), chemicals in water up to 95%. It removes Bacteria and Virus to a level of 99% ++, Other Purification method have no effect on TDS level of water. The water, coming out of the systems is Pure, Clean, Safe, Odour free, Sparkling fresh, Refreshing, Healthier&most of all Great tasting water for diets, baby formula, coffee, tea, hard drinks, refreshment drinking water, ice cubes, cooking, washing vegetables, aquariums, pets and lots of other applications.

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Domestic Purifiers

We offer wide range of purifying products. We understand your needs and requirements and so strive to fulfill them with proficiency. We deal with different products that will help you live a purified life.

Our basic products are-


The purifiers from OSMO combine the best of RO+UV+UF while eliminating the limitations of standalone technology. The multi-step purification process removers every kind of contaminants present in the water. Here filtration process is so effective that it removes even the diluted or dissolved contaminants from the water making it pure and suitable for drinking.

Gravity based UF purifiers

This category of water purifiers are considered experts in removing bacteria, viruses and cysts from the water. These are non-electric and chemical-free in nature. It requires low maintenance and is very pocket friendly to our clients.

UV purifiers

UV purifier uses multi-stage filtration process to remove harmful bacteria and other micro-organism from water to make it 100% safe for drinking.


In the current environment, it is necessary to have a water purifier for each commercial firms. Whether we use a well or a bore well, it is quite necessary to check and filter impurities before it is used. Usually the available unchecked water contains chlorine, chemicals, sediments and hardness minerals. These substances are harmful for prolonged water use and should be filtered out using best filters available now. Our Company provides you with excellent home water purifier that cleanses the water from the very source and make sure you receive the best hygienic water through all the dispensers in your house including kitchen, laundry, toilets and faucets.

Our technology includes

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